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Welcome to Class 1!

 Don't forget that the Summer Reading Challenge begins next weekend, Saturday the 9th July. Get yourself a pack at your local library. Lets see if Bidborough can win the school trophy again for the most challenges completed.


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Teachers-Mrs Voisey, Mrs Willock(Friday)

Teaching Partners - Mrs Rutherford , Mrs Sharp ( Friday)


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Learning Lens 15th July 2022


Thank you everyone who made it into the classrooms for open afternoon. Please just ask if you would like to catch up with your child’s books at some point.

In Maths we have begun to look at time using an analogue clock. This is something you can help with at home, also drawing attention to half, quarter and three quarter vocabulary.

Our treat day yesterday with Year 2 was just brilliant. We christened our new set of beach tents- thank you PTA - played in sand, through a water sprinkler, did art, reading and tennis. The adults had spray water bottles and kept the children cool as they played. Highlights were the ice lollies, and also being outside with our year 6 buddies.

In music today, we learnt about the Folk style of music.  The children loved listening to and watching a performance of Lord of the Dance.  They were so inspired that they wanted to do their own performances during Golden Time!  It was great fun and a lovely way to spend my last Friday with the class (Mrs Willock).

Please ensure we have full PE kit for sports day, sun cream and water bottles. Remember it is a packed lunch day too.

We are so nearly there, so keep cool and keep well!

Also if anyone has a copy of Kent Messenger so we can admire the portraits made we would love a copy in school- we missed the Mother's day one!

The Summer Reading Challenge begins tomorrow so don't forget to check it out! Bidborough School did win the prize for Kent one year and the Year One class read the most!!

Enjoy the sunny weather!

Best wishes

Mrs Voisey and team.


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This week's phonics/spelling: ow, ow - same spelling, different sound as in flower and show.

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 RRR Quiz questions.

 1- What is the moral of David and Goliath story?

2- What are the parts of a plant?

3- What are the countries that make up the UK?

4- What are the names of the 5 continents?

5-What is the difference between an amphibian and a reptile??